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A Therapist’s Guide From Obama To Trump

Ten weeks after Trump’s unexpected victory, the country’s emotions are divided by two colors. “Those of us in the blue states of mind are still grieving,” says Dr. Richard Zuckerberg, a Brooklyn psychologist. “Others in the red states are happy and excited of the possibility of change. They overlooked all the things Trump said. To them, the Wizard of Oz will get them to another place.”



Sally’s Amazing Circus Feast


Unlike Ikea furniture, life doesn’t come with simple step-by-step instructions. We learn things for ourselves, often the hard way. I remember that feeling when my son Brendan was born and they just let us walk out of the hospital with him. No parenting tests to take, no contracts to sign, no promises to keep. It was expected we’d learn on the job. Same thing when we rescued our puppy Sally in 2003. Training and nurturing was up to us. But while a newborn is rather predictable (sleep, pee, poop, eat, repeat), a puppy walks from day one so their adventures take foot immediately.



The Signs Are Everywhere

From the outside, your establishment is doing well. You have a good location, you’ve hired and trained a motivated staff, and your marketing is attracting customers. But on the inside, you know the huge mountain you’re climbing and the odds are stacked against you. You control what you can, from food and beverage costs to food waste and pricing. You can create a positive culture. You can outline rules and procedures for your employees. Still, 60% of restaurants fail within three years or less and small profit margins don’t leave much room for mistakes.